Here are some of our favorite videos about Mental Health Disorders

One of the best ways to advocate for mental health is to educate yourself on symptoms, treatments, and how people with mental illness are treated and viewed by society. Each of these videos explains a different aspect of mental illness: an actual illness and its symptoms, what it feels like to want to commit suicide and survive, reactions from other people regarding mental illness and what it’s like to be very successful and still have a mental illness.

Friend and suicide prevention advocate, Dese’Rae L. Stage, founded Live Through This, an incredible project focusing on survivors of attempted suicide.

11 Celebrities Open Up About Depression

What People Who Take Mental Health Medication Want You To Know

Demi Lovato FULL REMARKS & Performance at Democratic National Convention (C-SPAN)


Animated explanation of the effects of Depression (from TED Ed)

Here is our wonderful friend, advocate, speaker, lobbyist, author and more Kevin Hines (from Buzzfeed Video)

Our pal Rachel Griffin founder of “I’m Not Ashamed” and composer of “We Have Apples” demonstrates some of the responses people with mental health disorders hear

Singer, Actress and Bipolar II Advocate Demi Lovato (from ABC’s 20/20)