Sleep Hygiene

Seriously, worst name ever for the BEST and cheapest form of treatment! Now, here are some (nerdy) sleep facts from us:

  1. Melatonin is created in the brain in a small gland called the PINEAL GLAND
  2. The Pineal Gland also regulates our circadian rhythm (the thing that makes us know when it’s sleepy time and awake time)
  3. The Pineal Gland is triggered by….SUNSHINE (Boom!)
  4. Melatonin’s biproduct is…SEROTONIN
  5. Serotonin is the body chemical responsible for mental health
  6. Too little serotonin can result in mental illness
  7. SEE…Get your SUNSHINE and your SLEEP!

*There’s also norepinephrine and dopamine which are two other key brain chemicals responsible for mental health

Helpful suggestions from GoodTherapy.Org


Sleep diaries are helpful too. There are lots of apps available for tracking sleep, but here’s your basic old school version courtesy of