In Defense of Trump’s Brain

This week, virtually every news outlet, late night talk show, stand-up comic, social media outlet, and magazine has commented on the mental state of President Donald J. Trump. Comments range from “insane” to “mentally ill” to “mentally unstable” to “off his meds” to “disturbed” to “crazy” to a whole slew of inflammatory and derogatory terms. Now, I […]

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525,600 Minutes Ago…

  One year ago. I was thrown away by a group of people I genuinely thought cared about me. One year ago. I almost jumped off a bridge. One year ago. I entered a hospital. One year ago. I met people like me. One year ago. I found my purpose. One year ago. I had […]

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National Conference, Say What?

Yes, you are reading that correctly! Our Founder will be presenting at the MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA National Conference in Washington, DC.  This is so BEYOND AMAZING that Webster needs to invent a NEW WORD. We are thrilled, humbled and honored. And speechless! More details as the Conference gets closer…STAY TUNED! FOR A LIST OF THE […]

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Fake Plastic Friends

“They will ignore you until they need you” – Unknown (or my mom) A recent experience had me wondering what the definition of friendship really is… And I love that I have this tremendous public platform to help me figure it all out. As a person who has been known to say things like “I […]

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“Power is the ability to do good for others.” – Brooke Astor “We can’t help everyone, but we can help someone.” Ronald Reagan “We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingersall When was the last time, you gave YOUR time? I don’t mean volunteer for the school bake sale (although that has merit, obviously.) I mean, […]

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Apology, Need Not Apply

Well, I certainly was NOT expecting the incredible feedback and reaction to my New Year’s resolution blog on forgiveness or lack thereof (SEE HERE: When There Can’t Be Forgiveness.) The one question I have been asked repeatedly was “What was it that pushed you over the edge?” “Who could push you THAT far?” and “What happened?” […]

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Support Our Fundraiser!!!

We couldn’t be more excited to bring THIS IS MY BRAVE to our fabulous city! Please support celebrating individuals living successfully with mental health disorders by supporting our FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN. Click on our FUND DREAMER to support. Every dollar celebrates OUR BRAVE! Our goal is to raise $15,000!!!

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Natural Selection

Raise your hand if you remember the Britney Spears’ song “Toxic?” How many of you feel this way? Toxic, not in the emotional sense, but physically? Well, you’re not alone. I too feel like a cross between a pharmaceutical company trial run and the Toxic Avenger. I ended 2016 having developed an allergic reaction to […]

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