Our Favorite Bloggers


Our pal Sarah Fader is one of the BEST and most recognizable voices in the Mental Health advocacy world.  Editor of Stigma Fighters, VOL 1 and featured blogger on practically every site we love, she shares a straight-forward, non-nonsense approach to mental illness.



We love the ladies of #ImNotAshamed.  They are some of the most fun and positive advocates out there.  They are great to chat with and offer awesome support.  Led by composer Rachel Griffin (We Have Apples – It’s a musical!!! About mental illness!!!), they always have great stuff to share.



Need to chat? Welcome to this great community! There’s always a chat going on or you can connect with them through Twitter.  #SickNotWeak is becoming HUGE in the mental health world!



What’s the best part of having a mental health connection on the other side of the Atlantic? When all your friends are asleep, End the Stigma is there for you! Based in Ireland, blogger Aidan O’Connell is one of our favorite voice on Twitter and a great blogger.