For some, part of their mental health care regimen means the need for medications. The advice we always give for medications is….

  1. Take your medications as prescribed
  2. Be OPEN and HONEST with your doctor
  3. If something isn’t working for you, makes you feel worse, or at risk for self-harm, DO NOT STOP TAKING IT. Call your physician first.
  4. You may go through months of medication trials before you find the right prescription, dosage and or combination of medications that will help you
  5. Medication is not a cure all, it’s only one component. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, self-care, therapy and other forms of treatment may need to be used in conjunction with meds.
  6. Be patient, patient! It takes time. There can be side effects.
  7. Everyone responds differently to medication. What works for Bob, may not work for Bill.