Myth Vs Fact

We feel like MYTHBUSTERS right now because we’re going to dispel some of the myths surrounding medications:

  1. MYTH  – One you’re on meds, you’ll be on them forever
    • FACT: Most people only need to be on medication for a period of time. Some only a few months, others a few years. There are those who may need medication maitenance for life, but each situation is based on the individual.
  2. MYTH  – Medication will make you feel like a zombie or numb
    • FACT: Some individuals may experience sleepiness, yawning, or even apathy. If you do, then the medication is NOT RIGHT for you and should be switched to a different one or different dose.
  3. MYTH  – Medication will make you super happy
    • FACT: Don’t expect to be bouncing around either. UNLESS you actually have undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder and are only being treated for the depression side. That can trigger mania and even severe manic episodes.
  4. MYTH – Medication is for the weak
    • FACT: Medication is for any one who needs it. If you had cancer, would you think chemo is just for the weak? Of course not! Medication can help you feel better.
  5. MYTH – Medication will make you better, fast
    • FACT: There isn’t a single medication out there to treat mental health disorders that doesn’t need a full 6 WEEKS to really show some differences. Some can show slight improvements within 2 weeks, but 6 is the benchmark.
  6. MYTH – You’ll have side effects forever
    • FACT: Many experience side effects ranging from mild to severe. Most side effects only last a few days to a few weeks. However, if your side effects are lasting much longer, are debilitating, or life threatening please contact your doctor or visit a hospital immediately.
  7. MYTH – You will lose your creativity
    • FACT: Creativity is not affected by medications. If it was many of our celebrities, actors, musicians, writers and more would be out of work!
  8. MYTH – Medication is addictive
    • FACT: Some anti-anxiety meds have an addictive effects. Those are primarily in the “BENZO” class of drugs. However, medications for mental health are non-addictive but you may need to be “weaned” off of some such as Effexor.
  9. MYTH – Your brain will never be the same
    • FACT: Yes, hopefully your brain will not be! The goal is to regulate and make-up the deficienies in brain chemicals.
  10. MYTH – Medication causes suicide
    • FACT: This one is tricky. Several anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotics can trigger suicidal ideations, particularly in teens and young adults. These feelings may last a few weeks. If they do, please contact your physician immediately. Otherwise, please note that these feelings are temporary.