Screw Thoughts and Prayers

That’s right! That’s how I feel right now. In light of the hours-old tragedy in Texas, whereby innocent individuals (yet again) were murdered and injured (yes, yet again) by gunfire (you guessed it…yet again), I’m livid, disturbed, confused, and hurt. But at the same time, I’ve come to this conclusion: We don’t need any more thoughts and prayers (but thank you anyway politicians, celebrities and reality stars.) Why am I declaring this? Because what do you think those people in the church were doing? THEY WERE PRAYING!!! Is no place sacred anymore?

I said this right after the shooting in the church in Charleston and I’ll say it again. Nobody wants to live in a world where they have to think twice about going to their church, synagogue, mosque or temple without getting shot. Let alone, a mall, a movie theater, an office or any place where there are other humans.  But somehow…THIS KEEPS HAPPENING. When are the “people in charge” going to recognize this as a major problem?

Frankly, I’m tired of having to defend those who live with mental illness from groups, politicians and individuals who blame these acts of violence on them. It’s becoming far too often an occurrence. And their song has become quite familiar: Person of Color – gang, Muslim – terrorist, “Lone Wolf” – MENTAL ILLNESS. Give me a break! Just because a person hasn’t pledged themselves to an religious ideology doesn’t mean they aren’t a terrorist. Yes, I looked up the definition of terrorist and YES there are MULTIPLE definitions for terrorist (check Merriam-Webster for yourselves.) Did those in that church not feel terror as their fellow congregants were gunned down? Did they not fear for their own lives? Are they going to sleep peacefully tonight?

I don’t know what the correct action is, but the lack of any actions is jarring. We keep hearing the same rhetoric. Gun control. Better mental health care. But do we have anything to show for it? The answer is a resounding, “NO!” You want to argue that it’s not a gun control issue and instead a mental health problem, then SHOW US HOW YOU PLAN TO IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH CARE. Where are the lower premiums? Better access to care? Mental health care for the indignant? Free access for those without insurance? Easier access to treatment? Where is all of this?

Listen up Washington: We need an end to these mass shootings and we need to accept some harsh truths. 1) These shooters are terrorists. Period. 2) Stop with the 2nd amendment argument. I too believe in it. But it didn’t the people in the church no good, nor the people of Las Vegas, Orlando, Virginia Tech and on and on. 3) Not all mass shooters have a mental illness. Remember, the other church shooter in Charleston. Yeah, he was umm, what’s that term again…Oh, yeah WHITE SUPREMACIST.

So let’s get this straight. Stop tweeting. Stop talking about who’s colluding; the DNC or the RNC. Stop the bi-partisan nonsense. Instead, come up with a plan TOGETHER. Any plan. Because it is FAR BETTER than the nothing we currently have to protect innocent lives.

My heart is broken for those who lost their lives today during worship. We must continue to fight in their honor and in honor of all of those lost to mass violence.

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