Pick 1: Fat or Depressed

IMG_4039So it’s been a few weeks since I blogged because, let’s face it, things have been super busy around here. Fundraisers, mental health first aid classes, TV and radio interviews, more podcasts and who knows what else. Oh, plus life. Yes, all good things. But today I had to stop mid-cooking-Friday-night-dinner to talk about WEIGHT GAIN.

A few weeks ago I published something about it on The Medium but I was pretty vague. Today, I will NOT be vague and will share my truth, because that’s what I do. This is a journey right?

Not too long ago I started a new medication which was FABULOUS. No side effects, felt great, blah blah blah. But then something wacky began to happen. The scale went up. And I don’t mean a few pounds. I mean 40 POUNDS in 12 WEEKS. WHAT????? How is this even possible. Hello, healthy eater over here. No fast food. No junk food. This makes NO FREAKING SENSE. Now 40lb over a long time period wouldn’t be so bad, but this fast. NO BUENO.

So I hopped on over to my handy dandy doctor and pointedly asked what the deal is. He agreed that the weight-gain was extreme and told me I developed “insulin resistance.” I’m sorry, repeat again! Insulin resistance? How is this even possible? My body stopped processing fat or sugar or both. I have no idea because I was too pissed to listen to all the medical mumbo jumbo that followed. And then he asked me straight out, “Would you rather be depressed or fat?” Wait, what? How about NEITHER!!! Sudden weight gain is NOT HEALTHY. Depression is NOT HEALTHY. I want healthy! Where is the healthy option?

Well he prescribed me an ADDITIONAL medication (seriously?) which was for weight-loss. After about 1 month of eating like a rabbit and taking this medication, I have lost a whopping ZERO pounds. This is why I took the bull by the horns and went to visit my doctor friend who specializes in weight loss. He was shocked by my weight gain but said it’s so common. (That doesn’t help) BUT he prescribed me… A SHOT. Yes! I will be injecting myself daily with a weight loss medication until I loss the majority of this weight gain. I also decided to try a health shake called SHAKEOLOGY to help get my body back on track. It’s starts with a cleanse – YIPPEE (said no one ever) but I’m determined. Besides it’s chocolate flavor and if I can mix in some peanut butter and a banana…WINNING!

My clothes don’t fit. My feet and back hurt. I just want to feel healthy and like myself again. Oh and if you’re wondering, I stopped taking both the weight gaining meds and the supposed weight losing meds.  I will update you in a few weeks regarding my progress.

BTW, this post isn’t to fat-shame anyone. Myself included. We all have to feel comfortable and healthy in our own skin but I would be a liar if I said I did.

Spread some sunshine!

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