525,600 Minutes Ago…


unnamedOne year ago. I was thrown away by a group of people I genuinely thought cared about me. One year ago. I almost jumped off a bridge. One year ago. I entered a hospital. One year ago. I met people like me. One year ago. I found my purpose. One year ago. I had an idea. One year ago. I found sunshine.

In the months since…I decided to go public with my story. I decided my life was my own. I decided I didn’t want my life or anyone else’s to look like this again. I am a public speaker. Activist. Advocate. Author. Blogger. Producer. I have a network that spans the globe. My professional network have become my very close friends. We have formed a beautiful, united front to help people just like us.

Today. I am full of joy. Today. I am proof recovery is possible. Today. I live for myself and live to help others find their path to recovery.

Today. You are the sunshine I was looking for. Today. You bring happiness to my life. Today. I am full of gratitude.

One Year Ago. Today. Tomorrow. I ask where is the Sunshine? Well, I have found it in all of you.

Where there is life, there is hope. Where is there no sunshine, we will help you find it.

Thank you! With all my love,

Jeanine Hoff

Founder & President

Where is the Sunshine?

Spread some sunshine!

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