Natural Selection

natural-medicineRaise your hand if you remember the Britney Spears’ song “Toxic?” How many of you feel this way? Toxic, not in the emotional sense, but physically? Well, you’re not alone. I too feel like a cross between a pharmaceutical company trial run and the Toxic Avenger.

I ended 2016 having developed an allergic reaction to some medication. In order to switch medications, I had to continue taking the allergen meds with allergy meds (got that!) until I could be weaned and put on something new. That, combined with my 2016 resolution (yes, last year) to “Let it Go” meaning my physical health (I’ll explain) led me to a new path, one which I have been a believer in for many years.

Last year, as part of my mental health self-care, I decided to NOT focus on exercise and diet. Sounds counter-intuitive to everything doctors, health professionals, and even I preach. BUT when you’re obsessed with eating healthy and staying thin, and use it as a means for control, it’s no longer mentally healthy. Please don’t go on thinking I was eating 6 Big Macs a day, because I still don’t eat any type of fast-food. I just wasn’t rigid. Well, this created a problem.

I ended up feeling unhealthy and sluggish. Toxic. So little by little I started adding small changes back into my life. I started taking a multi-vitamin and pro-biotics. I love pro-biotics and can’t say enough good things about them. Do they work? I don’t know, maybe. But they don’t hurt. This became part of my nightly routine of Salt Lamp – Aromatherapy – Sound Machine before bedtime.

From there, I really went wild. I starting using natural soap by Zum and natural deodorant by Native. I have always loved and used natural and organic products, and decided to go back to some of them as a means of counter-balancing my toxic insides. Then I went to organic shampoo and conditioner. Finally, I added in homemade moisturizer. Yes, I’ve gone mad. Now, as a disclaimer, I’m not endorsing any of these products simply because products work differently on different people.

And now before anyone gets upset and thinks that I’m bashing meds. I am most certainly not. But like many of you know, medication for mental illness isn’t like heart medicine. A heart patient isn’t expected to try 72 different combinations of meds which offer 1000+ possible side effects, BEFORE they start to feel better. Yet, somehow we are. It’s like we are human test tubes.

My next goal is to return to my clean eating buy going on a super-strict diet. I always feel best when I eliminate yeast. It makes my brain feel clear. Admittedly, I love bread more than any other food. If I were trapped on a deserted island with 5 things it would be Bread, Cheese, Wine, Chocolate and Coffee. I figure I can find fresh fruit and capture sushi on the island. I’m looking forward to shedding some of this weight but also feeling healthy again.

I want to have energy. I no longer want to feel sluggish and exhausted all day. I want to have pep in my step again. I know most if not all people don’t see my exhaustion but deep down, I am counting the minutes until I get to go back to bed.

If you are adding some natural elements to health, feel free to share. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

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