Thanks a lot!

Today we give thanks for our family, friends, community, loved ones and so much more, but should we just be thankful or should this really be about gratitude? What does gratitude teach us? Does it simply mean we are thankful? Well, in a word…NO.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who openly wants 2016 to kiss our sweet behind, but without it, we wouldn’t know gratitude. Yes, the worst year of our life also gave us the best year. Yeah, I know I don’t make much sense but hear me out.

10 months ago I saw the ugliest of humanity. Selfishness. Disrespect. It lead to the darkest time in my life. But without that, there wouldn’t be you. The 11,000+ followers across the internet whom I’ve come to love and adore. The people I learn from and think about everyday. I am the happiest I’ve ever been because that darkness shone a light that I didn’t know existed.

So thank you for saving me! Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for being the sunshine in our world.

From our family to your, Happy Thanksgiving!

Spread some sunshine!

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