Dead Woman Walking

Photo Source: Danny Johnston/Associated Press

This is not a political debate. It fact, much like this current election, it has nothing to do with politics. And come the “morning after,” I will be very happy this year’s never-ending election season will be over. Four years ago, I distinctly recall friends and friends of friends arguing on Facebook about the candidate’s policies and budgets. There was unfriending and blocking. Now, the discussion is all about trivial tweets, sound-bytes, and “what is going on in this picture?” Democracy has shifted to something much more ludicrous and while this is a mental health blog, the political climate has me pretty ticked off because I am a woman. A working woman. A mom. And no matter what women do today, single, married, divorced, with kids, without, working, non-working, retired, whatever, we just can’t seem to do it right.

We have our first ever female candidate. Look, regardless if you’re a Democrat or Republican, that in itself is a feat. We had 230+ years of white men running this country, with the last 8 run by an African-American male. If you cannot recognize this moment for our nation, then you must not have paid attention in history class. Yet, this monumental event has been usurped by the fact that the female candidate, Hilary Clinton, possess the same get-through-it trait of most women I know. Yet, it still isn’t good enough. Remember, this has nothing to do with the political side and everything to do with her gender.

I grew up in a home with a mother who worked harder than any man I have ever met. She never took a sick day, ever, not even following surgery. I watched her go to work falling off her feet with the flu, pneumonia, you name it. Why, because that’s what women do, especially of women from that era. Women from my mother’s generation weren’t given permission to be sick because they had to work harder to be seen as sort of equal-ish. I developed that “work through it” mindset from my mom and talk about it in my upcoming Tedx Talk. Like me, women are raised to do whatever it takes to be successful, while still raising a family, doing the housework, helping with homework, taking care of the pets, driving to doctor’s appointments, after-school sports and so on. I never took a day for myself or practiced “me time.” The last time my family had the stomach flu, I took care of all of them, all while trudging through my own symptoms. Getting crackers, blankets, changing the movie, cleaning up vomit. This mentality did my health no favors. My brain was fried. Yet, on I went. Hilary Clinton is doing the same.

I have watched pundits on both side suddenly become medical experts analyzing Clinton’s suspected “anti-seizure” glasses, speak on what temperature someone can overheat, and accuse her of having panic attacks. Now there are accusations of Parkinson’s and Epilepsy? FYI: They are illnesses, not crimes. Epilepsy is HIGHLY TREATABLE. If she had epilepsy, doesn’t anyone think she would be on medication already? I’m not even going there with the accusations of her having a body double. CNN, which discussed for weeks on end if the missing flight from Asia disappeared like the plane from LOST (remember that!), analyzed her “body double’s” facial features and clothes. WHAT? I saw that movie once. It was called “Dave” and starred Kevin Klein. Stop it media. You are making less sense than my 3 year-old explaining why I should add marshmallows to his bath.

FDR had polio. Dick Cheney had multiple stents put in. No one put them under this amount of scrutiny.  Where are the politics in politics? Of course, a healthy President is desirable but this is a FACT: anyone, anywhere can have a sudden heart attack or stroke and have been given a clean bill of health the day before. Being President does not guarantee you are absolved of medical issues. To think this is ignorant. To believe a person cannot do their job with an illness, is discrimination. Plain and simple. Consider her unfit for the Presidency because you don’t agree with her policies and views, not because she has been sick. And END THE SPECULATION. Who cares that her staff Googled “Alzheimers.” If someone checked my Google search, they would think I’m obsessed with Minecraft and Roblox gamer videos. And who hasn’t had a doctor suggest that maybe you have “fill in the blank?” Or have that doctor be completely wrong, run a whole bunch of unnecessary tests and more? If I had what every doctor thought I might have (granted, they are not journalists but real live medical professionals), I would have been a dead woman walking a hundred times over.

Let’s get back to the policies and stop filling up the news with political gossip.


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