More Exciting News!!! We’re a part Mental Health America’s New Initiative


We are SO EXCITED to announce that our Founder, JEANINE HOFF, has been selected as member of MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA’s nationwide team to develop their national accreditation certification program for peer specialists!!!

About the program: This credential is designed to meet and exceed the standards used in public behavioral health around the country. The certification will require enhanced training and substantial work experience. A major purpose of the certification is to meet the needs of private health insurers and private practitioners. Expansion of peer support into the private sector will open up new career paths and opportunities, which have been previously unexplored, for thousands of peer supporters. (Mental Health America)

Not familiar with MHA? Founded by a Yale graduate and Wall Street Financier in 1908 after he began to struggle with mental illness, Mental Health America has been helping to change policy and protect those with Mental Illness for over 100 years. Check out their incredible history HERE

This is an amazing opportunity and an honor! For those in Northeast, FL, check out Mental Health America of Northeast Florida. To find your local MHA affiliate, click HERE

Spread some sunshine!

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