The Sunshine Has Arrived


The Sunshine is finally here!!! Okay, so technically we’re still wondering Where is the Sunshine? but in terms of the website, THE SUNSHINE HAS ARRIVED!!! And what more than perfect way to share this with you but on the day with the longest amount of sunshine – the summer solstice.  Technically, after today the days will start getting shorter, but here there is always sunshine waiting for you!

So what can you look forward to from

  • Blogs on everything from current events involving mental health and wellness to our own thoughts and perspective on things we see and notice in our own lives
  • Sharing of awesome stuff from our mental health advocacy friends.  We love sharing their events, programs, new ideas and blogs too!
  • Information on celebrities with mental illness because, let’s face it, knowing superstars like Adele, The Rock, and Kristen Bell feel just like all of us, is pretty comforting
  • Programming…because we, along with our merry band of mental health advocacy friends love to do workshops, guest speaking and more.
  • Humor and Passion! When we are riled up about someone’s emotions or health being harmed, we will take a stand (with respect and sensitivity of course).  BUT, we would be lying if we didn’t like to make people laugh.
  • Education is a biggie! We want you to leave here smarter, better equipped at handling things, and with resources.
  • HELP! If you are in harms way or in danger of self-harm, remember, we don’t know you but we still care.  We want you around for a long time.  Resources are always available to get you the help you need.  And there is always TEXT 741-741 for immediately help

Tell us what you think! What you’d like to see! What you’re interested in hearing about! Until then…I’m Gonna Soak Up the Sun (Sheryl Crow)

Spread some sunshine!

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